Maximum text size limited on


our server gets overloaded from time to time. This is often caused by users checking long texts - they get a timeout error and try again, using the server’s resources. I have now limited the maximum text size to 25,000 characters on (it used to be 50,000). This affects less than 0,1% of all requests.


The languagetool’s main use for me is to correct e-mail messages and whatsapp from web. Now we can use, I think probably increase de size used. Instead, to check all document if I select only a part, the extension it runs fine.

The LT server isn’t running very stable at the moment. I have limited the maximum text length to 15KB to see if that helps. I’m not sure what exactly the problem is, maybe it’s just too much load for our not-so-large virtual server.

Has the traffic further increased recently? I noticed that we got over 100 user suggestions in only three days.

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was thinking along the same lines, LT recently got featured in chrome, so perhaps more are wanting to try it out.

Traffic is increasing steadily, but today not more than before. Maybe the problem of users getting a timeout exception has been there before and I just didn’t notice it. Today I’ve been watching the logs closely to see the effects of the new cache. It has a good hit rate (i.e. it gets used a lot) but not enough to prevent this kind of performance issues.

There are a few hundred cases a day when the timeout problem happens. Maybe that’s not even bad, considering we serve more than 100,000 requests per day. But for the user it’s frustrating to wait 10 seconds and then just get an error message. Maybe a solution is to collect matches as they are found, and in case of a timeout send at least the matches found so far. That requires some internal changes, but I’ve added that to my TODO list.