Hello Dnabler

May I ask you if you are in contact with MemoQ by Kilray?

They are in the market for a grammar checker for their CAT tool

If the answer is confidential and you perhaps prefer to answer me ‘off forum’ or just have more info, please email me at


No, I haven’t heard of them before. By “in the market”, do you mean they are looking for a grammar checker to integrate into their software?

Hello Dnaber

Hope you are doing ok (it’s been some time)

You can see their post and my reply to them at

What I can say is that this is one SERIOUS company.

Innovative, responsive and they really are putting pressure on the market leader (Trados)

This is not a mickey mouse company in any way and you can take them seriously -just download the product on a trial basis to see for yourself.

You can contact them at

if the post is of interest to you (you have the contact name on the post)

Drop me an email if you need anything else

Good luck

Thanks for making me aware of this, I will contact them.