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Message "Too many requests in one second"

In some fields I get this X instead of the normal status sign.
It says “Too many requests in one second” and the tool doesn’t work in this field.
Does anybody have an idea about this? I use the chrome extension while working on a wordpress site.

Thanks for your feedback. Is that or a self-hosted Wordpress? Which version of Wordpress and the extension do you use?

You welcome and thanks for asking!
It is a self-hosted Wordpress installation (through our agency) and the version is 4.9.8.
And the LT version is 2.0.22
Many thanks for your feedback!

Some more questions: this isn’t Gutenberg yet, is it? Do you use other WordPress add-ons? They might interfere with LT. Would you maybe be available for a screen sharing session via Skype or some online tool?

Thanks Daniel!
No definitely it is not Gutenberg yet.
Besides using only a very few other WordPress add-ons, LT works fine in other fields and in ~90 % of the fields I can use it. Maybe it is this type of field that causes this problem only…
And yes of course, but only after coming back from my ski vacation (7th January 2019). Can I get back to you then?
With best regards,

Sure, please let us know when you’re ready.