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Missing text parameter error when starting http server


I downloaded the 3.5 standalone version and started the http server with

java -cp languagetool-server.jar org.languagetool.server.HTTPServer --port 8081

When I open http://localhost:8082/v2/check?language=de-AT&text=Das+ist+ein+Test in my Browser I get a JSON response but in the log I see an error saying that the text parameter is missing. When I make a POST call i only get an exception(see screenshot).

Do I have to use the API without the v2 oder is something wrong with my parameters?

Thanks four your help

I don’t know why there’s sometimes an exception for the first query, but it seems you can safely ignore it.

About the POST: maybe it’s something with the tool you use to send requests, please see!/default/post_check to get the curl requests which should work.

Oh, and the /api/ that’s part of the query is specific to, you cannot use that on localhost, but you have to use the /v2/.

thanks for your help, I wrote a simple Java Client to call the service, there everything works fine. When I call it using Chrome every request results in an exception but the result is displayed properly.