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Moving the Wiki

The company where we host our Wiki (, Wikidot, has not maintained their wiki software for years. Recently, it became impossible to log in without changing your browser configuration ( Without logging in, you can’t edit pages. The situation is not going to improve it seems, so the plan is to move the content elsewhere. Here’s my idea:

  • Use GitHub pages and move content from the wiki that’s not outdated over there
  • There will be links from the old Wiki to the new one
  • Use as the domain, so will stay there for some time
  • The new content is in Markdown syntax. Technically it’s not a Wiki anymore, but it can be modified like any other file in GitHub

I’ll be working on this soon and I’ll send an update here once/if the move is complete.

The Wiki has now been mostly moved to - I copied most pages that are still relevant and will set the old Wiki into archive mode.

Is there anybody who knows about LaTeX and can tell whether is still up-to-date and should be copied to the new site?

If you want to contribute to the new site, it’s at and you can send pull requests or ask for write access.

I think it’s good change - when I first saw the wiki, I thought the project is abandoned.

For LaTeX support maybe it will be good to include and for VSCode integration (this is the only actively developed extension).

Do you plan any theme or so? I think it will be useful and it’s common on most Github Pages. At least including link to the source on GH for editing, but also a simple header and footnote will look great :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ve updated the add-ons page.

@Dominique_PELLE Can you confirm is still working?

I checked the themes but I didn’t like the default ones, so we’ll do without a theme for now, I guess.