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Multi word groups spellchecking

To support (a large amount of) company names and other proper names that consist of multiple tokens, I would like to 'spell check' those word groups. Since a multi-word checker spell checker is not in planning, I as thinking of realizing the following:
Add each component of such a group (e.g. Coca Cola) as a separate word in the speller and postag dictionary as (e.g.) 
Coca:POW:001:001 (part of word group: #1: part 1) 
Cola:POW:001:002 (part of word group: #1: part 2) 
Then have a rule warning for the loose parts of this  group
(postag_regexp="yes" postag="POW.*")
And use antipatterns to allow for groups that belong together and are in the right order
(<antipattern><token postag="POW:001:001"/><token postag="POW:001:002"/></antipattern>)
But to make that flexible, I would need the word group number of be identical.

Is there a way to do that?