multiple suggestions

I don’t want to use LanguageTool for correction, but I want to know what other or multiple possibilities there are for the words in a sentence. Or rather, I want to know what are the possible synonyms for each word. I would like to use it with API or in Python.
Can someone help me?

For which language do you need this? For German, OpenThesaurus has an API. LanguageTool’s API doesn’t cover synonyms. You might want to load the files that LibreOffice uses for its synonym feature, they cover a lot of languages.

Thank you for your comment.
But I can’t understand. If you use the Browser version of LanguageTool in any language (German or English), you can click of any word, and you see the synonyms. So you have to do it with API, because the browser also works with API.

But it’s still not part of our API, it’s internal for our own add-ons only. An API is documented and meant to be stable, and the synonym feature isn’t.