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Must missing in some rules


can “must” be added in English to the rules DID_BASEFORM?

The following, for example, is wrong and is not being caught by the grammar check:
[1] They must comes home
[2] Mozilla must has a grammar check

I’m not sure why there are 4 subversions of this rule. But I suppose the rule can apply to all of them, even though mustn’t [4] is quite rare and using must in the context of [3] is quite confusing, for example.


Thanks. “They must comes home” is already caught by rule NON3PRS_VERB. Adding “must” to DID_BASEFORM doesn’t make it catch “Mozilla must has a grammar check”, but I don’t have time now to dig deeper into this. Maybe someone else can.

Fixed. I improved the second rule (

Me neither. But, I don’t want to spend time on the rule.

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