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Mypost on incorrect English sentences

i am the one that posted the original mentioned above.
I have created two rules-driven frameworks to assist in writing correct English and then translating the texts into German.
Nothing in the two frameworks has been programmed.
I use the languagetool to correct what I have translated.
I have probably around 70% correct translations with mistakes mostly in the area of carelessness.
I would like to try and add some rules to my own version of languagetool to understand the product better.
I will begin by adding some translations for words not in the LanguageTool base and then create some expressions.
When I have done that I will come back with a post on the results.
Regards, patforkin.

Sounds interesting, I’m looking forward to the results.

Hello again on this topic!
Yes I wrote the original and comments posts.
I should explain that I have an approach which is different than that taken by LanguageTool.
My support framework for translations between English and German is based on sentence-parts and not on words. LanguageTool is words oriented and this makes working with both for me at the level of adding to LanguageTool not quite so simple.
Have readers understood what I have said? If not, then please ask questions.
What I could do is to write in a separate text file the notation I use for describing correct English sentences and to this add the rules for creating valid German sentences from these.
It is simple and works effectively.
Three things are essential to understand.
Firstly I write grammatically valid English sentences.
Secondly I avoid the use of grammatically weak expressions that cause transformation issues.
Thirdly my middle term goal is to create a language dictionary which is sentence-parts based and can handle transformations.
It is this process step that is for me key to improving my ability to write texts in English and translate them into German. As I have already said in an earlier post LanguageTool gives me in excess of seventy percent correct translated text.
I have just finished looking at a set of XML tools to try and understand how easy it might be for me to create sentence-parts based translation files using XML. The result is that I am not impresssed with the XML tools that I have tested.
I could provide the file I have suggested above, but would like to hear your comments before doing so.
Kind regards patforkin

On Sa 20.04.2013, 03:19:08 you wrote:

Have readers understood what I have said?

I assume by “sentence-parts” you refer to phrases like noun phrases and
verb phrases? It’s a known limitation of LT to work mostly on the word
(token) level. It’s possible to define phrases with the disambiguation.xml
file, but better support for phrases is needed and on the TODO list.


I have prepared an introduction to a rules-set for English sentences.
Before I post it, I would like to know where to find out where the file on"disambiguation.xml" is and what the expression means.
Regards, patforkin

The English file is at

The syntax is documented at

As the name suggest, the main use case for this is disambiguation
(of part-of-speech tags).