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Nederlandse spellingcontrole werkt niet meer in Libre office

Problems with Dutch Spellingcheck in Libre Office, and Languagetool 4.8
Since recent days, Libre Office does not recognise anymore the Dutch dictionary. I did what I could: reinstalled Libre Office. Installed Java. Went to extensions en applied Language tool 4.8
I changed the default language in Dutch (Néerlandais)
But the spelling check stays on English, spanish and Frenche, and if I chose Néerlandais, or nederlands, the spelling check tels me: no dictionary (geen woordenboek)

LanguageTool in LibreOffice doesn’t provide simple spell checking, only advanced checks. So if spell checking doesn’t work in LO, that’s usually not related to LT. You might get more help in a LibreOffice forum.

I had these problems once (not now). It disappeared after installing the original spellchecker by :