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need AI add-on or Chinese language?

Dear LT,

I’m an independent AI researcher from Hong Kong,
I’m working on Chinese / Cantonese intelligent input methods,
My research mainly deals with NLP and logic inference.

I also like the idea of for-profit open-source global collaboration.
I recommend the use of License Zero (if you have not heard of it before).

I’m wondering if LT is interested in collaboration along the lines of AI grammar checking or assisted translation, etc? I have not really tried LT yet, a friend pointed me to your site when I mentioned that I am working on natural language tools.

Hope to discuss more,

Hi YKY, it would be great if someone could contribute to the Chinese support in LT. Currently, it’s not maintained at all, and nobody from the core team speaks Chinese. There’s documentation at

Hi Daniel, Thanks for your prompt reply.
I can help recruit more people to work on this task,
but is it possible for your company to arrange monetizing or profit-sharing to reward our contributions? Apologies if this is not the usual LT way of doing things… but my side is trying to form a team to apply AI for commercial projects.

Personally my strength is in reinforcement learning and I have some novel algorithmic ideas for logic inference that I would like to explore in business applications. My tech is similar to Google’s BERT model.

I have been developing an intelligent input method for Chinese but I think it would be nice to join an international team to reach a wider user base.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll contact you via email.