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Need help regarding contribution!

I am an experienced developer in the field of AI. Proficient in NLP and ML with past research experience also I have a published paper in Springer.
I want to know how can I start contributing to this organization in the technologies mentioned above.
It will be of great help.


Hi, thanks for your interest in LanguageTool. You can find more information about how errors are currently detected here:

Of course, new ideas are welcome!

It would be great if postagging could be done using AI, to assign words a postag that is dictated by the rest of the sentence.

Applying postag seems to be a good idea.
Thanks for the suggestion!

Do I need to download some specific software to make changes in the code or do I have to use IDE (python)?
I am just confused regarding how can I make changes after downloading the data?

This is mostly documented at If you want to make changes to the Java code, I suggest using Intellij IDEA and import the code there as a Maven project.