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New browser add-on released for Chrome

(Daniel Naber) #21

Thanks for the feedback.

Overleaf has an editor that uses neither contenteditable nor textarea, so similar to Google Docs we’ll need to rely on Overleaf to add an integration.

It works for me, are you sure you’re using the latest version (2.0.5) of the add-on?

(Konstantin Ladutenko) #22

Yep. I had to enable LT plugin back and to restart the browser to make it work in the input form of this forum.

So, the main problem is the conflict with Grammarly.

Is it possible to add an option to select any text and check it with LT via plugin? May be, without being able to correct errors in text, however, at least a convenient way to list them. There is always an option to copy text to LT website and check it this way, however, this leads to a lot of additional actions.

(Michael) #23

As a workaround you could still use the old version of the plugin, if that one had no conflicts with Grammarly.

(Konstantin Ladutenko) #24

BTW, the new plugin icon looks bad for dark theme, while the old one was OK.

(Andriy) #25

There’s little problem with LT icon in the text field (e.g. on Facebook comment) obscures the text:


(Daniel Naber) #26

Yes, it’s a known issue, we’re working on a fix already.

(Daniel Naber) #27

Actually, it should work already, just not automatically. Turn off LT by clicking this icon and Grammarly should become active:

(jaumeortola) #28

I have still an issue with language auto-detection.

Sometimes with short texts or multilingual texts the auto-detection feature overwrites the language selected by the user. This is a bit annoying. I think the users must be allowed to choose the language they want at any time.

(Daniel Naber) #29

Please check the version you have. If it’s not 2.0.7 yet, please try 2.0.7 (by uninstalling and re-installing - or just wait 1-2 days for the full release).

(Konstantin Ladutenko) #30

New plugin does not take into account the visibility of the text layer. See a set of screenshots to present the problem from google inbox web interface.
Looks OK:

Scroll down:

Scroll down more:

Note the the error underline and error counter to go out of input area.