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New Dutch (co)maintainer needed

Over the years, the requirements for working on LT have become more intense. Too intense for me to keep up with. So unless these technicalities get hidden and adding things to LT does not need anything but a web interface, I have to give up maintaining Dutch.

I will still be on the forum, still be contributing to translations, maybe even send some changes to the dictionaries (as a side product of my job), but I will not be committing anything any longer.

I would be happy to transfer my knowledge to a new maintainer for Dutch asap.


Sorry to hear that. You can actually (mostly) work on the grammar.xml file without doing updates every day. This would remove most problems with updates. Having a second maintainer for Dutch would be nice anyway, the problem so far has always been finding these people.

There is not so much that can be done with only grammar.xml files. And even then, it is not possible to easily compile and test them; using only proved insufficient.

I think there are more people interested in the language check part, than in the programming part. So if the programming/compilation is hidden, it might help.

For me, it is time to work towards retirement. Time for the young ones to step in.