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New german grammar rules

I developed some interesting German rules for using commas.
It’s more than 500 rows of xml-code. How can I add them to the project. Some rules are overlapping with existing rules. I’ve tried to develop some rules more general. So I would like to replace them.
What are the rules in the community? Is there anyone to discuss this issues?

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That’s great - are you familiar with github? Then you could create a pull request. But if you’re not, feel free to post them here. Maybe not all at once, but one by one.

Thank you, I’m not familiar with github, but I will look at it this evening.

@Fred.Kruse: Excellent! If there is anything the German LT is sorely lacking, it’s comma rules. If a pull request on GitHub is too much hassle, you could also put all the new rules into a single XML file and send it to jan.schreiber (at) I can commit them on your behalf.

As newbie I don’t know the rules in the group of developers. For the Problem ‘das’ <–> ‘dass’ I developed some rules. One would replace an existing rule (it was marked with ‘ToDo’ and set to ‘standard=off’, the new rule solves the Problem). I don’t want to remove the work of another developer without OK.

If a rule is off by default you can safely replace it, I think.