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New Grammar rule in English

Hi Daniel,
I have generated a rule for English which is shown below in detail. Please check this rule whether is correct

<rule id="PRONOUN" name="Possessive Adjective">    
      <pattern mark_from="1">
      <token regexp="yes">is|am|are|was|were|had|have</token>
      <token postag="PRP" postag_regexp="yes"></token>
       <message>The pronoun shold be Possessive form :<suggestion><match no="2" postag="PRP$" postag_regexp="yes"></match></suggestion>.</message>
        <short>Agreement error</short>
        <example type="correct">This is <marker>my</marker> Book.</example>
        <example correction="my" type="incorrect">This is <marker>I</marker> Book.</example>

Example: This is you test

           1. Line 1, column 9 Message: The pronoun shold be Possessive form :your. Correction: you Context: This is you test

Thanks for the rule. I suggest you post the rule to the mailing list instead of the forum, as there are more developers on the list. Also, please test the rule with or testrules.bat first.