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New Install (French), Spell check works but Grammar doesn't


I’ve just installed Language Tools which I need for French. I managed to get the French Spell checker working but but I can’t the Grammar checker to function.

I’m using the following versions:

Java 1.8.0_121
OpenOffice 4.1.3

I’ve re-installed and restarted several times. Any obvious suggestions? Thanks in advance, I’m new to this –

(Daniel Naber) #2

What sentences have you tried to test the grammar checker? Have you checked our list at

(Jan Schreiber) #3

Have you activated Java in OpenOffice?


Hi Jan, thanks for this and yes, Java is activated in OpenOffice so this doesn’t seem to be the issue, but thank you – Curt


Hi Daniel, I’m doing my testing in French and the tool doesn’t spot mistakes with masculine/feminine nouns (un and une etc) – could there be a problem with the location of the ngram data directory? What should I enter in that field? Thanks Daniel, appreciate your help – Kindest, Curt

(Daniel Naber) #6

No, the ngram data is not needed for that. Have you made sure on that LT can actually detect the error you’re trying to detect? Also, there can be only one grammar checker per language, so if you have e.g. Grammalecte installed, you’ll need to disable it to use LT.


Thanks for this Daniel, the issue is now resolved.

I have been trying to get this working for days now and I have installed and de-installed Languagetool and Grammalecte several times. So Grammalicte might have been the problem.

I am aware that this thread has no value as I haven’t actually located or resolved a problem so I’m happy for this thread to be deleted.

Thanks again for your help, much appreciated –