New language addition

Good evening all,

I hope you are doing well.

I have been looking for a tool to support my second native language but have found nothing since it is so rarely used. I see that my language is not available on LanguageTool, but that it can be added and I would like to be the one to develop it on here. I may need to extend my skills, but I am a data warehouse and BI developer so I believe I can manage.

What resources do I need to start out?
Do I need to speak with somebody?

There are some socio-political complexities around the language’s multiple orthographies and I want to ensure I’m open and honest about what I’m developing and for whom.

Do I need to speak to a core member of LanguageTool staff before I begin?



Hi Reuben, the technical part is documented at Adding a new Language | We currently don’t add new languages to LT unless they are maintained, i.e. you should work in a fork and improve support for your language at least for 6 months before we consider adding it to the main branch (there’s no guarantee that this will happen). We’re willing to help with the technical part, but our time is limited…

Hi Daniel

Thank you for getting back to me so fast.

I am in the process of following the instructions you’ve linked me to and getting set up.

Do you or your colleagues have any questions/thoughts around the socio-political issue of multiple orthographies, or shall I just go for it?

On/in books, the orthographies are labelled with their acronyms in brackets. Can I do that here to make it clear for users, or are language names assigned by looking up the ISO 639-1 code?



You can check out this file to see how variants are handled for German. In this example, the language will be “German (Germany)”.

Great. I understand conceptually what that is doing and I think I can use it to do what I need to do. Time for to start digging in to understand all this better. Thank you very much