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New redundant rule: free gift

<rule id="FREE_GIFT" name="free gift">
 <message>Shorten this redundant phrase to <suggestion>gift</suggestion>.</message>
 <example correction=''>Receive a <marker>free gift</marker> with every purchase.</example>
 <example>Receive a gift with every purchase.</example>

Thanks Andrew.

I will add the rule as soon as possible. (I have a problem with GitHub, so I cannot add the rule now.)

Thanks for your contribution.

Hi Mike,

OK, thank you. It was interesting to create this rule in XML.

I could list many redundant phrases and other rules, but I probably could not find the time to code them into XML. Is there another good way to suggest them for submission? For example I group them into chunks and could post them here or as GitHub issues.

Here are two good sources for more rules



One more source:

Hi Andrew,

LT has a rule editor, which can help you to create a rule: If you have many rules, using the rule editor is slow.

You could automate the rule-creation process. I have an Excel spreadsheet in which I keep the source data for rules. I convert the source data into XML rules using PowerGrep ( (This method is not good for all types of rule.)

If automation is not possible for you, add a group of proposed rules to a post in the forum. I will then convert the proposed rules to XML.

If there are many rules and they have all the same structure and the same message we might also write a Java rule. This way we don’t repeat the XML.

A nice feature in LanguageTool Options would be to show which rules are coded in Java and which rules are in the XML.

You can see this on when you click on one of the links. There’s either a “Pattern” or a link to a Java rule.


I added a rule for ‘free gift’. It should be in the build tonight (;O=D).