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New Rule

(Lucas) #1
<rule id="ID" name="Commonly Confused Words">    
 <message><suggestion>Check the meaning of this word to be sure you are using the word correctly. Words that sound alike are often confused with one another.</suggestion></message>
  <example type='incorrect'><marker>Its</marker> really hard sometimes.</example>
 <example type='correct'>It's really hard sometimes.</example>

(Note: I don’t know it this is 100% fine. There must be a mistake on it.)

(Daniel Naber) #2

Thanks for your rule suggestion. We already have rules for “it’s vs. its”, you can find them here:

If you can come up with rules that refine our existing rules, that would be great. Your rule would give a message about every occurrence of “Its”, which will cause several false alarms and we’re trying to avoid those.

(TryHardDieHard) #3
<rule id="ID" name="Comprised of">    
 <message>Instead use <suggestion>composed of</suggestion> or <suggestion>consists of</suggestion> as appropriate.</message>
 <example correction=''>The house is <marker>comprised of</marker> three bedrooms and a bathroom.</example>
 <example>The house is  composed of three bedrooms and a bathroom.</example>