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Dear LT users

Please suggest

  1. Is it possible to configure LT on my own editor (like notepad). Please suggest?
  2. While using languagetool.jar (GUI) how can I post/get my file content on it?
  3. How can filter all error other than “Possible spelling …”, “Possible typo…” while using english dictionary within “language-coomand.jar”? or How can I write new RULE ID: for above messages?

I appreciate the expertise guidance on LT.



thanks for your interest in LT. The add-ons we know about are listed at, if your application isn’t listed, you should ask the vendor of your application.

In the GUI, you can open plain text files with File -> Open. Other types of files are not supported.

The command-line options for enabling/disabling rules can be found at


The fastest and (for many use cases) most hassle-free way is to do Ctrl+A and Ctrl+X in your editor, which cuts everything to the clipboard; then use Ctrl+V in the LanguageTool GUI; make your changes there; use Ctrl+A and Ctrl+X again; switch back to the editor and do Ctrl+V to paste your changed text back.

This may look complicated at first glance, but it is a straightforward and fast way once you get used to it. Please note that this will only work with plain text without formatting (like bold and italics etc.).