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New word in spelling.txt not available as suggestion

(Kapil) #1


As per documentation, the spelling.txt file contains list of words that are ignored as well as available for suggestions for an incorrect word.
I have added a word “docurated” which is a product name to spelling_en-US.txt file. Now If I send the text “My name is docuratid” for checking, I was hoping that LT will return the word "docurated’ as part of suggestion list.
However it is not returning the word mentioned in spelling.txt file.

Do I need to make additional changes so that a word appears as suggestion?


(Daniel Naber) #2

That’s a bug, thanks for noticing. I’ve created an issue here.

(Kapil) #3

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the response.
Your reply suggests that the issue is not specific to a particular word but the whole list in spelling.txt is not considered for generating suggestions?
I noticed that same issue is reproducable for en-GB language as well.



(Daniel Naber) #4

spelling.txt is considered, but not the language-specific variants like spelling_en-US.txt

(Kapil) #5

Thank you for the clarification Daniel.



(Prasenjit Ghosh) #6

Quick question; where to put the spelling.txt (language specific or otherwise)?

(Daniel Naber) #7

In the published version the file needs to be at ./org/languagetool/resource/xx/hunspell/spelling.txt in most cases, with xx being a language code like en. Which language are you using?

(Prasenjit Ghosh) #8

English, Spanish, French and Italian (usage will be 90% English though). I’ll check placing the file under that path. Thanks.