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Newlines: strange problems with duple withespaces

(Michael Schönitzer) #1

When using Libreoffice with LT I noticed something very strange: When you copy and paste some text where there is a space at the end of the line. It does not apply directly when typing the text in Libreoffice!
When I use the grammarcheck then, instead of removing the space, a new line is inserted.

(Daniel Naber) #2

Frankly I don’t quite understand, could you maybe give an example with
some concrete text?


(Michael Schönitzer) #3


  • Open Libreoffice with LT installed
  • Open some Text-Editor
  • Type into the editor “HelloWorld”, where is a space and newline is a line break.
  • Select all the Text and copy-paste it to LibreOffice
  • Use the grammar-check, and see what happens.

Note: Since the different Operating Systems have different notations for newlines, it could be that this problem only occurs under Linux.

(Daniel Naber) #4
  • Use the grammar-check, and see what happens.

I see, I get a “repeated whitespace” error, but when I select the
correction it doesn’t really fix the problem. Thanks for the report.
I’ll put it on my TODO list, although with low priority, as this seems
to be a rather specific problem.