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[nl] false alarm BEPAALD_JE

Hi @Ruud_Baars,

Here’s feedback from a user of our browser add on:

Bij ‘beantwoord je’ verbetert hij naar ‘beantwoordt je’, wat natuurlijk fout is

I would need the full sentence to tell if this is correct or not. And from which version it is. The stand alone could be behind quite a bit.

It’s from yesterday’s version, not standalone.

Just by googling I found a couple of example sentences where this rule triggers:

Hoe beantwoord je moeilijke vragen tijdens een sollicitatiegesprek?
Maar hoe beantwoord je dan zo’n vraag?
Zo beantwoord je de lastigste sollicitatievraag ooit.
Zo beantwoord je hem!

You are right. I just deleted the entire rule; too many exceptions because not enough of the sentence is taken into account, and the sentence is inverted.


These errors are extremely hard to catch. I could make rules for them, but in that case I will need the entire sentence. And there will be thousands of rules for just one of these errors… even when I limit this to sentences of at most 10 words.
I tried to find what types of sentences are very common, and try to introduce a common error in it. But sentences are just this flexible…

I will use these constructions tomorrow for premium.
Problem is that it is not sure that ‘je’ is determining the verb form. It can be posessive too.

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