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OPTIONAL_HYPHEN is one of the most disabled rules by our Dutch users. I’m wondering if this is because the rule doesn’t provide a suggestion or if it the rule is too annoying?

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Another strikingly often disabled rule is WERD_VERWAARLOOST.

In most cases I know of it complains about hyphens added to emphasize how a word is pronounced or structured.

The rule is very recent. I will check if it works correctly. It should just warn for words that have a hyphen where it is not necessary.

That is a correct way of use. But often in useless cases. But I am okay with people disabling it. It is a language fanatics thing.

That one is still less than perfect. Like I said… dt-rules are not easy. Just improved it today. My problem is testing is slow and feedback absent.

For German and English we have some cases where rules are disabled by default in the browser add-on (this is different from default="off" in the XML). These are usually cases of typographic details, like using the correct dash character. If you think this should be done for this or other Dutch rules, let us know.

I don’t feel much like maintaining multiple rule sets, unless it is in a kind of ‘profile’ form, for all implementations of LT.
Language is the same, no matter what the technical platform is.
In case of profiles, there could be many. Better if users can decide what is good for their public and what is not.

Where can I see what users are doing? It might help.
Secondly, why is there no feedback without a login? Registration stops people to use sites.

We can give you access to our tracking account. (if t’s okay for @dnaber)


Secondly, why is there no feedback without a login? Registration stops people to use sites.

I don’t get what you mean? In the browser plugin anyone can send feedback without having an account.

Okay, but then the feedback is not in a co-operation environment, or is it?

No, it’s sent to an internal mailing list. I’m pre-filtering them and creating github issues or forum posts, so no valuable feedback is lost.

Okay. Either the Dutch forum or nl tag in github might be seen. But since there are much too much mails from subscriptions, I don’t use those. An email like you did is okay.,

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@Ruud_Baars not sure if this helps, but in some cases we stored the context of when a user disabled the rule WERD_VERWAARLOOST:

Great. I can use that as long as there is more than just the marked area. At least some examples show the rule worked fine.

Currently, we have 7 characters to the left and 7 to the right of the marker.

It is better than none.

Another user running into issues with WERD_VERWAARLOOST:

Ik voer de volgende zin in om te testen of jullie app goed werkt: Deze mail is verwerkd niet goed.

Als opmerking op deze zin krijg ik: Deze mail is verwerkd niet goed.

In plaats van dat de zin “Deze mail is niet goed verwerkt”, krijg ik een compleet verkeerde spelfout voorgesteld.

Ik vind dit toch wel een belangrijk punt om te verbeteren om over te stappen naar jullie applicatie vanuit professioneel oogpunt.

Based on the amount of user feedback we have received, I would like to temporarily disable the rule until we have time to fix it. I hope that’s ok for you @Ruud_Baars

Fine with me.