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No languages in Google Docs

(Aurelia) #1

Help! I'm having trouble with the app. When I go into check there are NO languages to select! What may I do(google docs)

Let's collect errors on the web
(Daniel Naber) #2

Could you attach a screen shot? This is what it looks like for me after selecting "Add-ons -> LanuguageTool -> Check":

(Jan Schreiber) #3

Can you give a step-by-step description of what you have tried so far? Like "clicked here, clicked there, expected X to happen, but Y happened." Thank you!

(jaumeortola) #4

The first time the add-on is used (with "Add-ons -> LanguageTool -> Check") the language is auto-detected. There is no way to select a language. Perhaps this is confusing for some users.

After the first check, once the side bar is open, the language can be easily selected.

(Daniel Naber) #5

Do you mean only the very first time after installation? Doesn't calling "Check" from the menu open the side bar every time?

(jaumeortola) #6

To be more precise, the first time after opening a document. Every time you open a document, you need to call "Check" from the menu, because the sidebar is always closed.

After the first time, the user can:
1) use the "Check" button from the sidebar (with the selected language), or
2) use "Check" from the menu (with auto-detect) [But of course this is not handy!]