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Not all biblical names of the scriptures are detected (in Polish) / FALSE

Not all biblical names of the scriptures are detected (in Polish)
Can you fix it?

1 Koryntian
2 Koryntian
1 Tesaloniczan
2 Tesaloniczan

What do you mean? Why should any biblical name in any language be detected?

@gabix, I think @nnina084 means that the names of books of the bible should be added to the dictionary. This is an excellent suggestion! Standard terminology from all major world religions is a sensible addition to the dictionary.

In such a case, requests should be sent to the language maintainer(s), the list is at Posting here does not make much sense.

So this forum should never, ever report FALSE?

It depends on what you mean under report FALSE (this expression does not make sense to me, sorry). Your first posting does not contain any pointer to something FALSE, only specifies a couple of words missing in the Polish dictionary. In such a case, contacting the language maintainer is the most efficient (or even the only, as the maintainer may not be necessarily active in this forum) way to get your proposal handled.

Unfotunately, it is not obvious which language is maintained by whom.
And not every user is familiar with all environments. Maybe not even with English.

Maybe in those cases we can help to show the way. Wherevdo we report words missing in the Polish words list?

Normally, you can find the names of the maintainers in the header of grammar.xml (that’s why I gave the link to the file). As far as I remember, there was a list of all maintainers in the LanguageTool wiki, but I can’t find it now (lost in the process of transfer?). For Polish, it is Marcin Miłkowski.

I know no way to suggest new words / rules other than contracting respective maintainers. If you know, point.

@nnina084, you can report errors on the bug tracker as an ‘issue’.

I reported the problem here:

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I think there is a lack of a place for reporting missing words. Sometimes when I see missing word, I just ignore it. Maybe it’s possible in the future to create a simple form or feature in plugins to report missing worlds? Just choose the language, put missing world, optionally add a link to a dictionary page or so.

You can suggest word to dictionary via item of context menu “Suggest word to dictionary” on check text form on This item is only available for certain languages that are supported by LanguageTool.

O, thanks! It looks like what I’m thinking about. I never see this feature before. Maybe it could be better promoted or included in the extension?