Not detecting errors properly

Banks offers short-term finance to companies via overdrafts on current accounts. An overdraft is flexible, allowing companies to write cheques and let the overdraft grow when cash needs rise, then repay it as cash flows in from sales. This are a common in farming, where overdafts finance seed or feed until crops or animals are sold. However, overdrafts are repayable on demand, which can be problematic if a farmer’s crop fails. Managing a overdraft also adds stress due to variable interest rates. Small companies often face higher interest rates compared to larger ones, as banks view them as higher risk.

offers does not get flagged as an error. Anybody has any idea

Thanks for your feedback. It was working for me when I just tried it on The model might not be available 100% of the time, but we’re working on improving that.

Thanks for the reply. Although i tried multiple times didn’t get the errors. This falls under which rule? " Rule “Subject-verb agreement plural”" ? I tried in the rule checker, there it failed also

The model is active on and Login - LanguageTool. It might not be available 100% of the time, and it might not be available in the add-ons yet.

An alternative perspective: the text is correct English. The ‘problem’ is one of semantics. ‘Banks’ is a proper noun. Compare:

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