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Not underlined erros in german


I just found LT and I am not very familiar with git yet so I’ll transmit the errors I found like this:

“ihrer aussage”
This expression never is red but has to be always red. There is no constellation where “Aussage” is written in lower case if it comes after a possessive pronoun.

“Oder ideal zum üben ist auch innen in einer große Turnhalle sofern man die Möglichkeit dazu hat ;-)”
This sentence lacks a comma. In german a conditional sentences always is separated by a comma. “Sofern” always introduces a conditional sentence.

Also I have 3 more suggestions:

Would it be possible to mark “white spots” (words/sentences that are supposed to be right) like you can mark red texts to be checked again?

If it would be possible an additional text field to explain the reason would be very nice.

I also do wonder why LT is not applied to this forum =) (I bet my text would be better if it was like that :wink: )

Thank you, I’ve added these to If you want to try to add the rules yourself, that would probably speed up the process. We have documentation at

About your other ideas:

  • “White spots” cannot be marked, as LT has no concept of “correct text”, it only knows error patterns.
  • Rules support an URL which can point to a more detailed explanation (but not all rules have a URL).
  • This forum is hosted by a service, so we cannot change the way it works. But there’s a much better solution: we offer add-ons for Firefox and Chrome, so you can check any text you enter anywhere on the web. The add-ons are linked on