Note: LT integration on websites might stop working

Hi everyone. The website at has been marked as outdated more than 2 years ago, but there are websites out there that still rely on it. If you use that way of integrating LanguageTool, please download the files hosted at that are linked from your website (e.g. jquery-1.7.0.min.js, tiny_mce.js, editor_plugin2.js) and host them on your own website. We’ll need to clean up our website a bit and these files will disappear soon. If you download them and host them yourself, there should be no issue and your user’s won’t notice.

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Thank you for your warning, I tried to download the three files needed and uploaded them in the same folder as my html page and edited the links accordingly, but it crashes.
I know that I don’t provide a lot of information but do you have any idea why that could be?
Is there a strict need of https in the URL (my website doesn’t support it currently) or something else?

Here is the page with the three files hosted on your server.
And here is the same page with the files hosted on mine.

Thank you very much for your help if you have any advice or idea.

Please use F12 to access the browser console to debug this, then reload the page. You’ll see there are issues because the SSL/TLS certificate for isn’t valid.

Thank you very much for your help.
Isn’t there a way to circumvent that? I have just discovered that jquery-1.7.0.min.js and editor_plugin2.js are working just fine when I host them, the only trouble comes from tiny_mce.js.
Is there a reason why this script would need a certificate while the two others don’t?