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Notes on Installation of languagetool on win10 for libreoffice

I am a first time user trying the tool out, for possible use on my wifes PC for her academic work.

I was definitely not straightforward for me to install.

It is the second extension I installed in libreoffixe, so I am unexperienced with extensions.

First problem was that I did not have java installed, but after a number of tries and errors I got that right after 1-2 days (not full time).

I installed language tools and it did not work with the test document from I tried all the fixes on this page and it still did not work.
Also disabling lightproof did not any difference. Reinstalling several times did no difference.

On the tools dropdown menu the “languagetool” was there and it could make a reasonable spelling check, but grammar check did not work.

Now It does work. But I do not know why it suddenly works. And I did not make any notes on the way of my steps. All made long time after bed time, to get a result for my wife tomorrow.

I have a hunch although.

On my PC I have 2 users, an unprivileged account and a privileged account. I installed from the privileged account and the installation image from the extension manager had ticked installed for all users, so when I installed the package by clicking on the add button, I assumed it was installed for all users on my PC, who had access to libreoffice. I tested on the unprivileged user.

I then tried to install from unprivileged user and it did not work.

But I am getting a suspicion, that I have to install the language tool for each windows user. When I in the extension manager uptick the “installed for current user”, language tool disappears in the list of installed extensions.

In the end I uninstalled languagetool from both users, rebooted the PC and installed language tool from both users (as far as I remember) and now it works for both users.

If this is a correct analysis of the problem it may be an idea to add the information that the package must be installed for each user under windows in the

It also appears to me that a faulty installation on one user my interfere with the installation for another user on the PC. But it is only a hunch.

During installation, I was also confused by that the green line showing progress of the installation did not show any progress. It stayed all the time with 2-3 mm green and never got bigger. In the end I used the windows task manager to follow the installation.
I assume that is a bug in the installation program.

When I uninstall the languagetool extension the green line becomes longer with progress.

Libreoffice (x64)
LT version 4.0
Windows 10 home, version 10.0.16229 build 16299, 64 bit locale USA: Location Thailand.