OpenOffice/LibreOffice Windows11 LT does not start

Hi there,
I got the LT Addon run with Firebird, I am so happy.
But with Open Office and Libre Office it doesn’t work although I checked all items recommended. I enabled the automated spelling test, acivated LT, registered, API…
I used the LT Test-Document but nothing starts. No error shows up.
Java is updated.
Any help?
Best regards,

Do you use the extension in LibreOffice? What versions of LibreOffice, Java and LanguageTool you are using.

Hi I thought I already replied to the data question. Once again:
I use the extension, yes.
Java (Build 1.8.0_401-b10)
LT is updating automatically

I used this information, So verwenden Sie LanguageTool in LibreOffice. I checked again.