Original postag

There is a trick to get the undisambiguated postag. But I could not find it. What is the correct way?

Does raw_pos help (doc)?

You can use <pattern raw_pos="yes">

It is a bit buggy. I could solve the bug, but we would need to modify some rules that depend on the current behavior.

Bug should generally be removed. But I cannot see how large the impact is.

How many rules are affected? In which languages? So far nl did not use raw_pos. I ran into a rule that was obstructed by a fine disamig rule, which went wrong because of the disambiguation.

For now, I simply removed the disambig rule. A longer pattern might also help.

Bu I could have fixed the rule in this case using raw_pos too.

Ther are worse bugs in disambiguation, like min and max not working properly and removal of postags is flawed also.