Outlook mac?

Hello LanguageTool team,

I am a user of your application and I appreciate the quality of your spelling and grammar checker. I use it regularly on different platforms and programs, such as your website, your browser extension, and your Mac desktop app.

However, I have a problem when I want to use LanguageTool on Outlook for Mac. As you may know, the Apple mail client is limited and does not offer a good spell checker for French. I would like to be able to use LanguageTool in Outlook for Mac, just like I can do in Outlook for Windows with your desktop app.

I think that creating an add-on for Outlook for Mac (Like “MerciApp”) would be a great feature for your application and would benefit many users like me who need a reliable and accurate spell checker for their emails. I understand that developing such an add-on may require some time and resources, but I hope that you will consider this request and add it to your roadmap.