Paraphrase not working

Paraphrase is not working.

Hi, could you send a screenshot of the problem?

I have attached a screenshot.

Could you check whether your computer’s time is correct at If it’s not, that might prevent the feature from working.

Dear Daniel,

The time is correct.

I have deleted and reinstalled the application, and have also tried using a different web browser, but the paraphrase is still not working.

Does it fail for every sentence, even for short ones? Could you please post one of the sentences where it fails for you?

It fails for every sentence. Here is one example: Hartelijk dank voor je acceptatie van de uitnodiging om deel te nemen aan het discussiepanel tijdens het EAU Congress in Parijs volgend jaar.

Rephrasing for that sentence works for me. Do you use any special internet connection, maybe a VPN or an IP address that is shared by several people? Which browsers did you try?

I have VPN, but it is not turned on. Still not working. Same error message: Failed to load paraphrased sentences.

I talked to the user, this is solved now. If you have the same issue, please make sure your computer’s time is correct. You can check at