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Partial check of JTextArea in org.languagetool.gui.LanguageToolSuppor

(Jmoi) #1


I have a large document in JTextArea and I’ve tried to check it (grammar+spelling) using the example
in org.languagetool.gui.LanguageToolSupport, passing JTextArea as an argument for LanguageToolSupport
constructor. It’s slow, and it takes 5 sec.

Is it possible to spell check a part of the document in JTextArea (say between lines 0-20), and then continue checking the rest of the document in background?


(Panagiotis Minos) #2


I am afraid that there is no support for partial checking. I am working on a solution that will be ready before the next release. Specifically, i split the document to paragraphs and do an incremental checking/highlighting. But right now i want to do more tests before i commit the code.

Panagiotis Minos