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Past tense of 'lead'

I think the past tense of ‘lead’ should only be ‘led’ and not ‘leaded’. But the LT applies ‘leaded’ when I am trying to use it in some suggestion. How can I change that?

‘led’ if you’re talking about giving directions.
“I led them home.”

‘leaded’ if you’re talking about adding lead to something.
“none of the fuel had been leaded, so the team was not accountable for the reported pollution.”

fortunately ‘lead’ and ‘lead’ are heteronyms.

Thanks for the information. But for my use, I think ‘led’ will be used on most occasions. Is there a way I can change the order of suggestions for the VBD form of ‘lead’.

I don’t think that you can change the order of suggestions.

To prevent ‘leaded’ as a suggestion, try one of these methods:

  • Remove the reading ‘leaded’ from LT. Add this line to removed.txt: leaded lead VBD
  • Change the rule so that it does not use postags in the suggestion. For the suggestion, use: <suggestion>led</suggestion>

(I wrote ‘try’ because I haven’t done tests to make sure that the methods will do what you want. I don’t know the sentences in which you get the unwanted ‘leaded’.)

Thank you very much

This is a very old thread, but I want to point out that “leaded” as mentioned here is the past participle, not the past tense (VBN, not VBD). I did an extremely quick google search and I couldn’t find “leaded” used as a simple past tense verb in the sense of leaded pipes or leaded gasoline. My interpretation that “leaded” as a VBD is at best extremely uncommon. I’m very new and unfamiliar with rule ordering/prioritization but this should not be a high priority.
I also want to note that though this thread took place a while ago, “leaded” is still in the dictionary file for English.