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Performance Test


I’ve been testing Language Tool Server on Local.

During the test, I have some questions.



I sent requests 1000 times.

As you see, checking times is quite different.

When I see this source code, from start time to finish time, that seems there is no network influence.

I wanna know why checking time is quite different or is it negligible value?

Plus, sometimes count numbers(the number next to #) is overlapped.

I mean ex) #995 appears two times.

But, I don’t know why like these things happen.

I’m very glad if you answer me.

Thank you always.

That’s not a problem. It’s an internal number which can be duplicated. (I can’t comment on the other issues, as it’s a lot of work to debug this remotely.)

difference in times: this could be due to differing amounts of concurrent jobs.
meaning that each test run has to compete with differing amounts of programs for CPU-time, RAM and other such stuff … the more it has to compete, the longer it takes to get the job done.