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[pl] Would a paid version catch this and another Q

Hello to those in the know :slight_smile:

  1. First question, would the paid version of LT catch this:

„Obsługę mogą prowadzić wyłącznie osoby, które zostały do tego wyznaczone i które mają odpowiednie przeszkolenie, mogą działać wyłącznie!”

It is obviously wrong, because the last part is unfinished MTPE

  1. As regards the paid version, is there a paid version of the LibreOffice plugin or of the standalone version? If not, what paid versions are there?



Hi Piotr,

sorry, the Premium version is not available for the stand-alone version nor for the LibreOffice plugin.

In what form is the premium version available?

It’s a cloud service that can be used on the web (, as a browser add-on (Firefox, Chrome), in Google Docs and in MS Word.

Is there a trial period so that I could test whether the sentence I posted would be flagged as wrong?

No, but the basic version of the browser add-on will tell you if there’s a Premium error by showing an orange marker, like this (1 basic match + Premium matches):


I bought the premium version access to try it out for three months. The sentence I pasted at the beginning was not flagged as wrong in Polish. I would expect to get a warning though, because of the repetition of a word (wyłącznie) if not for anything else.