Plans to integrate LanuageTool with Raycast

Hi, LanuageTool Team!
Is there any plans to Integrate, a widely respected grammar and spell checker, with Raycast, enabling users to seamlessly check and correct text directly within the Raycast platform? Or at least to create the Extension for it.

Raycast has become a vital hub for users, acting as a central location for multiple tasks, including searching and issuing commands. Meanwhile, has grown to be a preferred tool for many who require spelling, grammar, and style checks. The integration of these platforms will undoubtedly provide a more streamlined workflow for users who rely on both.

Will be much appriciated.


Thank you for sharing your feedback. We truly appreciate your kind words about our service. We’re always on the lookout to expand our service to users across all platforms. Raycast is indeed an interesting candidate for potential integration. Currently, our efforts are channeled towards a native macOS application that checks texts directly in various applications. Perhaps this could benefit your workflow until we explore further integrations.

You can download the application here: LanguageTool - Grammar Checker for macOS

Best regards,