Please add option to report error when suggestion is wrong

Some errors in my current article:

The protagonist will take the form of a might hero transported to another world

‘Might’ is erroneous. The correct form is ‘mighty’. LanguageTool didn’t detect the problem. Yes, ‘might’ is a word, but it would be incorrect to use it like this.

Players will be able to team up with representants of three dorms

‘representants’ is marked as an error. Suggested correction is “represent ants”, despite the word being in dictionaries.

I find one or two errors like these every other day. I mentioned that in a different feedback post. Right now, the only way for me to report them would be to screenshot every instance and at some point e-mail the devs? If there’s no direct ‘report bug’ prompt, I’m just going to assume you don’t care.

Yes, there’s the ‘give feedback’ option, but it seems more geared towards making reviews and doesn’t even allow screenshots anyway.

When I press on a suggestion and I see it’s wrong, have a button right next to ‘personal dictionary’ for ‘report issue’ so I can explain why that specific sentence doesn’t quiet work how the tool thinks it does.

I’ve written previously about the seemingly declining quality of LangaugeTool and was asked to provide examples. Make that easy for me, and I will. Don’t ask me to collect receipts.

Thanks for the feedback, the missing word will be fixed, the grammar error will be detected with a future update.

I’m just going to assume you don’t care.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen before what happens once we make it easy to submit feedback: we’re drowning in low-quality feedback, too much to work through.