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Please don't remove swedish language support from language tools

Hi Daniel and all other contributors!

I have contacted Niklas Johansson the swedish contributor for this project cause I saw his message on the dev forum a couple a days ago (about removing the swedish support).

The thing is, I really want to help him and all of you with the swedish part in this project.
I’m working as a computer educator (teacher) in a school for adults in Sweden. I’m a hobby programmer and I have mostly worked with c++, but Java should’t be hard to learn

I have used the suite in my education for many years now and I found this tool a month ago and I think this tool will be great for us to use. It’s exactly what we need.

Niklas Johansson also told me he is willing to help me getting started with this.

I just tried to setup NetBeans 7.1 with sun’s latest JavaSE package, going to test it shortly

Best regards
Niklas Engvall
Computer teacher/IT-administrator

Hi Niklas,

we’re not going to remove any of the code or rules that exist for Swedish, it can still be activated by commenting in a line in a Java file. We’re looking forward to your contributions. If you haven’t done so, please subscribe to the mailing list ( Of course you may ask questions there, too.


Hi Niklas,

as I didn’t hear again from you I wonder whether you need help? Just let us know.