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Plug-in not working, error

(Ruud Baars) #1

SecurityError: Permission denied to access property "document" on cross-origin object

is the only info I get when using LT in a normally working form in an IFRAME.

(Daniel Naber) #2

Which browser, which website?

(Ruud Baars) #3

Firefox, private local site. A page with several iframes. Not a big issue, just to let you know.

(leesajohnson) #4

update browser with the latest version, after that start plug-in.

(Ruud Baars) #5

Already did that.

(Lodewijk Arie van Brienen) #6

A few months ago I got the same error-report while trying to run a WebGL game I had downloaded due to the host site having spotty connectivity.
turned out that the browser doesn't allow any web-calls from "file://".
maybe that is the problem you're dealing with.

(Daniel Naber) #7

I'm not sure how this can be, but a user reported this was caused by another add-on for them. The user didn't mention which one, though.

(Arno) #8

I am getting this same error when I have an online word-document in Office365 opened.

SecurityError: Permission denied to access property "document" on cross-origin object

I’m using Firefox 63 and disabled all add-ons to troubleshoot this issue, but that hasn’t solved it.
It would be nice to get this working, for I use Linux and have to work with MS Word at work for which the online version is the only (good) option on Linux. I have tested this on both Windows & Linux with Firefox 63 by the way.


(Daniel Naber) #9

Sorry, the browser add-on does not work with Online Office, as it has its own add-in system. Future versions of the add-on will have a better error message explaining that. The only alternative I know is this add-in, which is limited in its number of checks unless you upgrade to the premium version.

(Arno) #10

Ah, I see. Thank you Daniel.
When trying the add-in it doesn’t seem to show anything, but I’ll open a new topic because it’s not related to this one.