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Portuguese grammatical error in error description

In Portuguese (Brazil) language, in the error description “Possível erro de concordância de género.” (Possible gender agreement error.), the word “género” is incorrect, being the correct one “gênero”.

The word “género” belongs to European Portuguese, not Brazilian Portuguese.

Género on Portuguese Wikipedia

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I know, and there is no way to fix it since the main grammar.xml file is text. It doesn’t allow writing sentences in more than one locale.

The trick would be to move the rules into the br and pt folder, but then we would be duplicating the code.

Unless a developer codes in Java a feature that would allow that, but probably too much work.

What about a language fallback? Where br falls to pt if it doesn’t find the word. Then you can define only the sentences that diverge.

It can be used in other languages, btw.

Ahhhh… now that you mention it, we could have something like:

<message>Se for um texto académico/científico, pondere empregar o termo 'imprecisão'.</message>
<message locale="pt-br">Se for um texto acadêmico/científico, pondere empregar o termo 'imprecisão'.</message>

Open a ticket in GitHub and point it to this thread.

I hadn’t thought of that. It brings me another idea.
You said that have files for each language, so you can create a file for br and if the error/warning message is not in that file, you fall into pt language. I thought in this because it’s more organized (I think).