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Premium/cloud features in VSCode extension

Dear LT community & team,

I would like to use the LT Premium features in the VS Code extension (LTeX – LanguageTool grammar/spell checking - Visual Studio Marketplace) while being a subscriber to a single user plan. The intention is that the checking is done by the LT cloud API without a local server needed.

Using the following settings for the ltex extension, I am able to perform checking using the free API.

    "ltex.languageToolHttpServerUri": "",
    "ltex.languageToolOrg.username": "",
    "ltex.languageToolOrg.apiKey": "",

At this point, I have noticed, that single user or team plan does not provide an API key. From Support to LanguageTool subscription · Issue #398 · valentjn/vscode-ltex · GitHub, I have learned that an API key is needed in addition to the premium plan.

This was confusing because I assumed the API is available in the premium plans, since LanguageTool HTTP API explicitly mentions higher API rate limits for “Premium”.

It would be great if subscribers of the single user or team plans would be able to use the premium features in the available VS Code extension. So far it appears that the technical integration is available, but there is a “gap” in the use cases of the LT subscription plans.


You can get an API key for personal use by asking our support (LanguageTool - Imprint).