Premium vs Proofreading API for HTTP API

What’s the difference between the standard Premium plan and Proofreading API plan with regards to the HTTP API (

The standard premium plan works for personal or business use via our website or add-ons. The API plan allows you to integrate LanguageTool-based text checking into your own applications. Technically, the text checking is the same (but some features like rephrasing are not available via API).

So the standard premium plan doesn’t include API access tokens, and the higher ‘premium’ limits in LanguageTool HTTP API are specifically and exclusively referring to the more expensive Proofreading API plan?

For use in add-ons, you can generate an API token at even with the standard premium plan. The limits documented at LanguageTool HTTP API are technical limits that apply to everyone. If you need more generous limits, please contact our support (see here for the email address).

So on that page when it says, for example:

maximum number of characters per request: 20,000 (free) / 60,000 (Premium)

Is the higher 60,000 char limit referring to all paid plans or only for the Proofreading API plan?

It refers to all paid plans (some add-ons split the text to support longer input, though).

Thank you for your reply.

The page mentions “your daily request limit depending on your plan” - what is the daily limit for the standard premium plan?