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Problem accessing self-hosted LT server on Firefox 91

I thought the issue might be related to other plugins I have installed, such as uBlock Origin, but the LT add-on seems to work just fine when I remove my custom server address. My LT server is running in a Docker container and reverse proxied (via NGINX( to I’ve spent all day trying to debug using the Firefox development tools console, but I can’t figure out what the issue is. Any ideas what the problem might be, or is anyone else facing this issue?

Have you started the LT process with --allow-origin "*"? Does it work from Chrome?

Yes, the LT process is started with --public --allow-origin '*'. I don’t use Chrome, but interestingly, the add-on used with my local LT server address DOES work in Ungoogled Chromium. I also tried the Firefox LT add-on on a new installation with no other extensions, and it still didn’t work with my local LT server… very strange.

Please try "*" instead of '*'. For me, this makes a difference.