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Problem exporting in executable file language tool library

I’m facing some problem never add before when exporting my eclipse project with external library. I made a little program with spelling correction.

I put languageTool library in the build path and correctly imported into my eclipse project. When I ask to export into a runnable jar, Eclipse exports only the jar files into languageTool library, but this library contains also some txt and xml files. So when I try to launch the application from command line it gives me error because can’t find this txt and xml files. I tried to add to my jar archive manually but obviously it doesn’t work. How can I fix it?

Thanks for your time and forgive me for my bad english.

Are you sure you added the files at the right location, i.e. org/languagetool/rules/en/det_a.txt? In other words, you need a directory org/languagetool/rules/en with the file(s) in the JAR.

I know the files are not in the jar package, but Why? and how can I fix it? The ide dependencies are ok. The problem is the export process wich doesn’t export the det_a.txt and other files and directories.