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Problem in integration

I tried to integrate languagetool as mentioned in on my website but it’s not working as expected .I think its having problem in connection with languagetool server.

is there any thing additionally which i need to do?

Hey!! I am currently working on integration of languagetool with visual-editor.For that i tried to set it up on my above mentioned page first.It will be really helpful if you can help with how to do it with visual editor? I have setup above mentioned page but its not working.If you could help with why it is not working that will be helpful.

Our wiki contains a command to test the proxy:

curl --data "language=en-US&text=My+texd"

If I call this, I don’t get anything, it just hangs. So your proxy.php isn’t working. You’ll need to debug it to see where exactly the problem is, e.g. by commenting out code until it returns something.