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Problem with commas (Language Tool)

When speel-checking in Russian incorrectly detects the order or completely not detect! Yes, it only detects the most important, basic, and most cases are completely undetected at all. The problem is too big, because I translate a lot of texts, e.g. from Russian an other language, but I noticed that changing the location of the comma or its lack completely interferes with the possibility of more accurate translation! If the comma is put in the right place, even many different translators, then it works perfectly - the translation is understandable, meaningful and accurate. Can you solve this problem? I’m not a programmer or anything like that - so that’s not the point. But without that comma, don’t move … with the sentences translated.

Our contributors will need to see examples, I guess. Without examples, it’s really difficult to understand the issue.

LT Newest version:

Commas are missing, errors found, but LT says everything is OK. But not OK!

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